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Hello how are you? I’m super stoked that you came to visit in my official rod building internet page. I simply just love rod building and even more fly fishing. I have fished with fly since i was seven years old. Back then if you wanted to be a real fly fisherman in freezing cold Finland, not only the toughest anglers tied their flies, but they also wrapped their rods. My man next door Lasse who brought me to fly fishing had a wooden rod rack a side his fly tying vise. Thats When i decided that some day when i have moustache under my nose, i’l be wrapping my rods too.

Now i have the moustache and also have built fly rods for my beloved customers since 2016. Few years earlier i got more interested about glass rods. The esthetics just fits me and basically the unbrakable material is really interesting. Smooth loading rod is a joy to cast and catching fish with fiberglass fly rod makes my moustache moist quite nicely. In the beginning i built mostly for Epic blanks. It started out as collaboration with Swedish tackle distributor Reliant Fishing. After some time we decided to establish RFT Gear ( rftgear.com ) web shop selling high performance fly fishing tackle to nerdy anglers as me.

We introduced Red Truck Fly Rods for European market along the blanks at 2018. I had the honor to be the first builder to wrap Diesels for custom rod audience. Back then I also built my first small series off rods for Leland Fly Fishing at Sacramento. Since then i have worked in tight collaboration with the guys at California.

Since RFT Gear is half Swedish company I also try to pretend that so am i. Actually my next life goal is to become the king of Sweden, so Princess Victoria if you read this, i got some really fast recovering smooth loading blanks under my sleeve. I guess that’s why i represent few other Swedish brands like Podsol and Lemmel Kaffe here in Finland. I don’t like coffee so much but i like beer a lot so i guess i start my own brewery before raising to the throne of Sweden. Meanwhile i keep building rods and fishing with fly when ever i can.

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